Top 5 Ways To Stop Gum Pain (And Keep Them Healthy)

Oct 14, 2021

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having swollen, bleeding, and painful gums. Unfortunately, it is hard to find the cause of gum pain. It can be due from:


-- Brushing the teeth too roughly

-- Wearing dentures such as braces or retainers

-- And letting food or bacteria's settle at the teeth lining.

It can also be caused by more serious oral issues like gingivitis or periodontitis.

While it is advised to seek medical assistance... to determine the cause of ongoing painful gums… not all soreness requires a trip to the dentist.

In fact, there are natural and effective ways to soothe your mouth at home… before you seek professional help.

Keep reading as we’re about to uncover the top 5 ways to stop gum pain and keep them healthy at home.

Number 5. Hot and Cold Compress

It is common to use heat or coolness to soothe our bodies.

In the same way we apply a heat pack to a sore muscle or a cold compress to soothe an inflamed wound...

Our mouths and gums can also benefit from temperature variation. (1)

Hot and cold compresses are popular for reducing:

- Inflammation

- Infection

- And Swelling.

Using a temperature variation technique... helps numb and ease the inflammation felt in the body - and in this case, the gums.

Various studies note that heat and cold therapy provides pain relief to acute inflammation. (2)

So, while there is no current research focusing on gum pain… We can safely assume that a hot and cold compress can soothe pain... alongside a recommended treatment.

To make a compress, simply dip a clean cloth into warm or cold water.

From there… press it against the area of the cheek or lip that covers the painful gum.

Repeat as often as necessary.

Number 4. Herbal Paste

Rich in anti-inflammatory properties… certain herbs and spices like:

- Cloves

- Spilanthes

- And Turmeric

Can be used to create a soothing paste for your gums. (3)

Clove and Spilanthes are analgesic herbs… a property known to relieve pain.

A study involving clove, tea tree, and basil observed the impact on dental plaque reduction.

As a result, researchers were surprised to found that… while all herbs reduced plaque formation… clove also decreased gingivitis… a serious gum inflammation. (4)

Turmeric can also alleviate soreness, thanks to the antioxidant it contains.

To create an herbal paste, simply mix the herbs or spices with warm water. Apply the paste directly onto the gum where you feel pain, and rinse after a few minutes.

Number 3. Essential Oils

Many pharmaceutical products contain essential oils... as these natural drops provide various health benefits.


Essential oils are concentrated plant extract from flowers, leaves, roots, or fruits. The plant uses its oil to cleanse, repair, and protect its own health. (5) Experts found that these healing properties could also be beneficial to humans.


While essential oils can be potent at enhancing health… they are also useful for gum pain. 

Cinnamon and peppermint essential oils are in fact, showing promising results.


Recent research done in New Zealand found that... (6)


Cinnamon essential oil contains antimicrobial properties against streptococcus mutant… A bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum diseases.


Studies also found that peppermint essential oil effectively kills anaerobic bacteria… which can also cause gum inflammation and diseases. (7)


To use essential oils for your gums, use a spray bottle to dilute 2 to 3 drops in water… then spray over the gum.

Number 2. Teabags

Using a teabag to soothe gum pain may seem odd… but the right type of tea and the right temperature can be extremely beneficial to your mouth’s health.


A tea with anti-inflammatory properties such as

-      Black tea

-      And green tea


Has shown to reduce oral oxidative stress and gum inflammation. (8) This is because both of those teas are rich in tannic acids… an antioxidant powerful at reducing enzyme activity fueling swell and inflammation. (9)


To get the most out of your tea for gum pain…. Place a fresh bag into a cup filled with water… and warm up in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds.


Drain the warm tea bag of its water, and place it against the painful gum. Hold it in place for a few minutes until the bag cools off… and try to keep the heat within your mouth. (4)

Number 1. Saltwater Rinse

As a popular grandma remedy… you might have heard about rinsing your mouth with saltwater. 


Saltwater rinse is a simple yet effective solution for gum pain and oral health. Saltwater kills bacteria through osmosis by removing the oxygen of the bacteria. When gum pain is caused by a food stuck in the teeth lining… this method effectively kills and cleans the bacteria lodged in the gums. (10)


Experts explain that saltwater rinses increase the pH balance of the mouth… creating an alkaline environment where bacteria cannot survive.


A 2017 study showed that saltwater rinses can: (11)

-      Decrease dental plaque

-      Reduce oral bacteria

-      And soothe inflammation.


Add one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water… and swish the rinse around your mouth. Repeat until the glass is finished.


With these 5 home remedies proving to be effective… soothing your gum inflammation and pain naturally can be easy.

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