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3 Foods That Help Remineralize Teeth (And Restore Enamel)

Oct 14, 2021

If you’ve been noticing dents, discoloration, or heightened sensitivity onto your teeth… chances are your enamel is wearing down

The enamel is the shiny, white surface that provides a mineralized and thick shell for our teeth. (1)

And while the substance is commonly known as the thickest layer found in our body... it can wear down over time from:

- Teeth grinding

- Excess sugar or acids

- Low salivary flow

- And medication.

So, what can you do to restore and prevent your enamel from wearing down?

Along with visiting your dentist if you notice signs of erosion... several studies show that... you can remineralize your teeth and enamel naturally through food.

And we’re about to share the minerals and antioxidants essential for oral health you’ll want to watch out for... and the top 3 foods that contain them. So keep reading.

Top Food Number 3. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are an absolute superfood for your overall health - including your mouth.

This type of vegetable contains:

- Calcium

- Folic acid

- Vitamin B

- And prebiotics.

Those are essential for your oral microbiome. Just like the gut... our mouth contains a bacterial ecosystem that helps with:

- Salivation

- Digestion

- And tooth health. (2)

When our enamel starts to wear down, our mouth will generate more nitric oxide… which can further deteriorate our teeth.

Leafy greens help to counterbalance this process. By chewing on leafy greens and mixing their nutrients with our saliva... we produce nitrite-reducing bacteria. This has shown to help induce nitric oxide homeostasis. (3)

Along with that... leafy greens also remineralize our teeth, through the calcium and magnesium it contains.

A study noted that... consuming calcium phosphate significantly remineralized enamel subsurface lesions. (4) And while there is more research to be done... Leafy greens can be a pretty safe, natural, beneficial option to boost the remineralization of your enamels.

So go ahead and add some more kale, spinach, or arugula to your diet. Your Oral health will thank you for it.

Top Food Number 2: Dairy

It’s no secret that dairy products - including cheese, milk, and yogurt - are naturally rich in calcium. In fact, just one cup of dairy products provides up to 49% of your daily recommended intake of calcium. (5)

We’ve seen that minerals like calcium are essential for the process of remineralization of your enamels. But what type of dairy can actually help you do that?

Yogurt is particularly beneficial for your enamel and teeth health, as it contains:

- Magnesium

- Potassium

- Prebiotics -

And phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a chemical compound that helps the body and the enamel absorb calcium. A recent trial found that yogurt inhibits the demineralization of the enamel subsurface. (6) However... not all yogurts are created equals... and scientists note that sugary yogurt can have the opposite effect by increasing enamel degradation.

Another study conducted in Denmark looked at the potential benefit of cheese. After increasing the dairy intake of children and teenagers over 3 years... they found that various cheeses reduced the risk of caries development. (7)

So while yogurt and dairy products can be highly beneficial for the remineralization of your enamels... experts suggest consuming grass-fed, organic products.

And if you experience dairy intolerances... full-fat and probiotic-rich yogurt can be a great alternative.

Top Food Number 1: Black & Green Tea

Drinking tea might be the most surprising and the most promising solution when it comes to enamel health.

Both black and green tea are rich in antioxidants, including polyphenols and EGCG.

These teas have been the center of recent studies on oral health... as these unique properties may help reduce dental plaque and enamel degradation.

A group of researchers from Illinois University found that... Black tea’s compound Inhibit glucosyltransferase bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria is responsible for boosting sugar to settle onto plaques. (8)

A study on green tea found similar results... noting that the EGCG-induced antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea create a potent barrier against bacterias forming plaque in the mouth. (9)

Additionally, green tea has shown to reduce: (10)

- Tooth cavity

- Oral oxidative stress

- And gum inflammation…

Along with protecting healthy oral cells against malignant mutations.

By enjoying only one cup per day, you may gain the shielding oral benefits this potent drink brings to the enamel of your teeth.

All-in-all, consuming mineral-rich and antioxidant dense food and drink can help:

- Reduce enamel deterioration

- Remineralize your teeth

- And promote healthy oral microbiomes.

So go ahead and add them sparingly to your diet.

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